Non-Scale Victories/April

  • Wore a size 16 (regular, not W) pencil skirt. Bought it about three weeks ago, and it was a little snug. Now it’s even a tiny bit loose in the waist.
  • Bought a bathing suit today, and not only is it not horrible, it looks kinda good. For a swimsuit and all.
  • Daniel stepped up my workout from simple strength training to conditioning. It about killed me, but I did it.
  • Bought my first L shirt in quite a while this weekend
  • Down from four hooks to two!
  • Email from COC colleague: “…I must say Look at YOU!!! I actually did the “double take” yesterday as I almost did not recognize you at first.”
  • After nearly eight months of working out practically ever day, two days a week with a trainer, I’m finally seeing a very slight lift in my caboose.
  • Starting to tuck shirts in every now and then.
  • Can feel my ribs!
  • I have hip bones!!
  • Many of my XL pants, especially my workout pants and PJs, are getting really loose.
  • The size 16p pants Sister gave me are getting baggy!
  • Seeing continuous (and amazing) toning in my legs.
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