Non-Scale Victories: September, 2017

  1. Went to Palmetto Health Richland’s gift shop and didn’t spend a cent. Tempted by a Tervis tumbler and bracelet, but walked out with my wallet intact.
  2. Got out of a Saturday rut today: eating and otherwise.
  3. Cooked tonight.
  4. Walked Moonpie tonight and her pulling didn’t get me off-balance. Even when she ran down the stairs, I was right with her.
  5. Ditched my dinner choice for something lighter.
  6. 56 weeks in a row at the gym.
  7. Made step goal, second day in a row.
  8. Skipped dessert @ Palmetto Society meeting.
  9. Worked in the yard for a couple of hour
  10. Averted a few near falls doing yard work; balance is getting better.
  11. Got through an upsetting day without overindulging.
  12. Forgot a workout tee-shirt, so just wore my work shirt to the gym and got cardio done. Would’ve been VERY EASY to just go home, especially after the tragedy at the office.
  13. 57 weeks in a row at the gym.
  14. Went to Financial Peace University at EPC.
  15. Went to Womens Outdoor Retreat with Synithia and Amanda2.
  16. Kayaked and did archery.
  17. Picked up lunch at Whole Foods and had to park in front of Ulta, but didn’t even go in, much less buy anything.
  18. Forgot to pack my workout pants and had to go home first to change. Came VERY close to staying home, but went anyway.
  19. 58 weeks in a row at the gym.
  20. Hit and exceeded step goal.
  21. Had a couple of fun-size candy bars at the conference and didn’t blow it because I’d already messed up. Ditto on a birthday cupcake someone brought to the JNF meeting.
  22. Friday after work cardio.
  23. Resisted Cookies Two Step ice cream “just because I’ve already eaten a lot and didn’t record it”
  24. Made a healthy casserole and prepped for a second.
  25. 59 weeks in a row gym.
  26. Someone gave me a bag of white chocolate Kit Kat minis. I had two and shared the rest.
  27. Still haven’t opened that big Young’s pecan sampler I received for my birthday. Waiting for next staff meeting or another good opportunity to share the wealth (and the calories).
  28. No mic at the FA Rotary Club, and I did just fine.
  29. Friday after work cardio.
  30. Joined the EPC gym to have a place to workout on the weekends.