Non-Scale Victories, November 2016


  1. Took one of Mom’s coffee cakes to the office, but didn’t have any of it.
  2. Skipped the brownie at a work lunch, and only ate half of my sandwich.
  3. Increased my FitBit step goal to 6,000, an increase of 1,000 steps. On my way back to 10k by September, 2017.
  4. Went a little over my calories today, but kept carbs and sugars within the guidelines.
  5. Resisted half-price Halloween candy at The Fresh Market
  6. 13th week in a row at the gym
  7. Needed some help and asked for it.
  8. Won the best Table Topic at Toastmasters. #50in50
  9. Really want to work out, but didn’t get much sleep last night. So it’s a rest night for me. (And it’s killing me!)
  10. A rare Words with Friends win over my boss, Robert, a ruthless and adept Words player. First one since the rupture, which must mean my healing is on point.
  11. Skipped the ice cream aisle at Publix.
  12. Walked the trails at Saluda Shoals after judging the MRSA recycled art contest.
  13. Caught up on my rest after a week of not-so-good sleep.
  14. Getting a fresh start for the coming week. Going to give it my all for the next 30 days to see what I can achieve.
  15. 14th week in a row at the gym.
  16. Made it to Moore School already early morning meeting early today.
  17. Had a great consultation with RoSho to help plot my future.
  18. Passed on “free cookie” at Groucho’s.
  19. Took Sunday nap to try to knock out “the crud.”
  20. 15th week in a row at the gym.
  21. Brought something semi-healthy to pre-Turkey Day snack lunch.
  22. Got all T-giving cards out before the big day.
  23.  15 weeks in a row at the gym.
  24. Enjoyed Thanksgiving lunch within reason.
  25. Stayed in and rested to knock the last bit of this cold out before my Botox injections next week.
  26. Got up out of a long weekend stupor to take a nature walk at Riverfront Park, made my step goal and saw one of my crushes.
  27. Resisted the urge to nap and got some things done on my never-ending to-do list.
  28. Survived a pretty uncomfortable Botox injection at MUSC today. (Not embarrassed to say that I was both brave and strong.) The good news is that my fab doc gave me the go-ahead to walk the St. Patrick’s Day 5k to celebrate the second anniversary of my aneurysm rupture.
  29. Overslept this morning (pain meds+p.m. cough syrup) and looked like a hot mess, but I made it to work on time.
  30. 16th week in a row at the gym.