Non-Scale Victories, July 2017

  1. Instead of an evening ice cream, had a low-sugar popsicle.
  2. Gym 47 weeks in a row.
  3. Made smart portion choices and was able to enjoy a great July 4th cookout.
  4. Practically perfect nutrition day!
  5. Hit my big daddy step goal without really trying.
  6. Got up early, did a few things around the house.
  7. Hit big daddy step goal third day in a row.
  8. Shucked and prepared over a dozen fresh ears of corn on the cob I received from a friend.
  9. Exhausted after yesterday’s mega shopping trips, slept in.
  10. Week 48 in a row at the gym.
  11. First time I ever said, “We’re out of spinach.” Also braved a storm to get salad ingredients.
  12. Hit “big daddy” step goal even though I was in the car for three + hours.
  13. Went to the gym after a quick round trip to North Charleston and a presentation. Would’ve been so easy to go home!
  14. Didn’t stop at the Pink Lady Gift Shop while at Palmetto Health Richland.
  15. Took a chance with a shorter and much sassier hair style.
  16. Made it to Jubilee this morning.
  17. Made Monday Fitbit step goal.
  18. Gym 49 weeks in a row!
  19. Wore a pair of pants that haven’t fit in a while.
  20. Facilitated JNF meeting with Natalie.
  21. Attended the BIA-SC conference, got some great speaker ideas and reconnected with two special people.
  22. Rested as much as possible.
  23. Made it to Jubilee.
  24. Ate most of a salad and a sandwich with lettuce and tomato at Five Loaves.
  25. Needed something hot and healthy, so went to Miyo’s for a solo lunch with a notebook and phone.
  26. 50th straight week at the gym.
  27. Wore another pair of pants I haven’t worn in a while.
  28. Really wanted to skip Friday work out, but did it anyway
  29. Amended “Strengthening Saturday” to prepare for trip
  30. Really wanted to get the last word on a group edited project, but I resisted. Good stress reducer + I’m trying harder to be a team player.
  31. Starting to ask more questions and making more requests. It never hurts to ask, and I’m often pleasantly surprised when I’m more assertive.