Non-Scale Victories, January 2017



  1. My fingernails were getting so long that I had to trim them back. Never in a million years ever thought that would happen.
  2. Most productive day at home in months.
  3. No meniscus tears, just osteoarthritis.
  4. 21 weeks in a row at the gym.
  5. Wasn’t able  to work out because my knee was bothering me, but still got nearly 4000 steps.
  6. Two significant work achievements: created video, Columbia announced as Quickstar(t) “winner.”
  7. Had a misstep in the pantry and felt like I was about to fall, but caught myself. (My balance is definitely better these days.)
  8. Made two of my best healthy casseroles this morning: one for now, one for later.
  9. 22 weeks in a row at the gym.
  10. Felt a little more relaxed and more “bubbly” at today’s Toastmasters meeting.
  11. Set a new goal for July 19, my next appointment with Dr. Word.
  12. Afternoon meeting at Starbucks. Chose Ethos Water (no cal) over a blood orange San Pellegrino (140 cals).
  13. Called out a greeting to a worker about 50 feet down the sidewalk, and he heard me enough to respond appropriately, even though two garbage trucks were at the gas pumps. My voice is definitely getting stronger.
  14. Made myself a priority on MLK holiday. Slept in (as much as possible with Trees Inc. working), did some things around the house and didn’t spend any money.
  15. Had a great dinner with friends and tried something new!
  16. Had my knee checked out and cleared for 5k training.
  17. Tonight’s workout marked my 23rd week in a row at  the gym. That’s over five months with at least one weekly visit and no off weeks.
  18. Today I submitted the baseline report and annual award form for the City’s entry for the State Electronic Challenge. I learned about the program after returning to work full time, investigated it and presented it to the IT Department head. In the last six months, I’ve assisted with research, completed forms with lots of moving pieces and qualified the department for a silver recognition. So much for those well-meaning doctors who questioned my “executive functioning” skills, huh?
  19. Did a “Solar Scene” interview with WLTX.
  20. Downloaded 5k walk training schedule, will officially begin this weekend.
  21. Did quite a lot of cleaning and organizing in my room this weekend.
  22. Fell at a funeral when  my too-big and full purse got caught on the end of the pew, but I didn’t spill the cup of water I was carrying. Got right back up, dusted myself off and went to the graveside.
  23. 24th week in a row at the gym. Also officially started the “Walk 0 to 5k” plan with a 15 minute walk on the treadmill.
  24. This.
  25. 25th week in a row at the gym, day three of “0 to 5k.”
  26. Reached out and made nice to someone who I find difficult to do that with.
  27. Made it up and to the Art Museum for our solar breakfast today.  I moderated most of the program, and while I did have a cheat sheet, I did some of it off the cuff, too. Also met one of my caregivers from STICU at Palmetto Richland, who was there to learn about solar for his house.
  28. Rested a lot today. Hopefully took care of the near exhaustion I experienced at the end of the work week.
  29. Got up and went to dinner at the Elliotts even though I had a lot to do.
  30. Deflected a huge pity party surrounding my Botox appointment at MUSC.
  31. Went to State of the City.