Non-Scale Victories, December 2016


  1. Tried a couple of new foods tonight, including artichoke hearts (I think), avocado and a couple of things I’m not sure about. (Gotta love mystery casseroles, right?)
  2. Passed two donut places today and to derail my craving, ate an apple.
  3. Bought an ice cream cone and didn’t eat all of it (for the first time ever in my life!)
  4. Had a great experience at A Place at the Table. Thought-provoking workshop, but also felt comfortable participating.
  5. Green drink for breakfast, first time in nearly two years.
  6. 17 weeks in a row at the gym.
  7. My “rupture ring” which I bought during rehab is starting to get loose.
  8. My black pants are “right out of the dryer” looser.
  9. Did an on-camera interview for BCBS, and as these things go, nailed it. This was a biggie because when I first came back from the aneurysm, I had a hard time with interviews and thought I’d lost my spokesperson ability. This interview proved that I hadn’t; I just have to prepare differently.
  10. Attended the KMB Annual Gala this weekend, where for the second year in a row, made nice with an longtime nemesis.
  11. Just realized that I can chug again. My swallowing has been slowed down since having the trach, and now feels more normal. Not sure if I was extra thirsty or if last week’s Botox injections just kicked in, but it’s a definite change for the better!
  12. Adulted today and had my 50-year-old colonoscopy. Wasn’t horrible, and now I’m good for five years.
  13. Enjoyed dinner at Al’s Upstairs with the LMC Bloggers, even though it meant a one workout week. Enjoyed it, too, without overdoing it.
  14. 18 weeks in a row at the gym!
  15. Nibbled on chocolate in the “to-go” brigade at the Employee Luncheon and decided to skip the BBQ and fried chicken for a healthier option back at the office. ** I also said no a lot at the luncheon and actually enjoyed it! (We were limited to a certain number of go-plates, and to get one, you had to order in advance.)
  16. Worked through an intestinal bug at work. Tried to stay to myself as to not pass it along. Being at home wouldn’t have helped me feel better, and I saved some valuable sick time.
  17. Parked too close to a parking stop, tripped over it when I got out of the car, but regained my balance and didn’t fall.
  18. Canceled our trip to the beach so I could rest and nurse away this stomach bug. Really rested, even though there were hundreds of things to do. I’ve gotta get this self-care thing into my routine.
  19. Nineteen weeks in a row at the gym.
  20. Up to 2.5 mph on a slight incline with no stridor.
  21. Went to the gym instead of a holiday event.
  22. Resisted chicken tenders at California Dreaming.
  23. Did my cut and color on a day off, so I didn’t have to take any time off.
  24. Tried something new and delish at Tombo Grille.
  25. Enjoyed food over the holidays without overdoing it.
  26. Twenty weeks in a row at the gym
  27. Started a remote (aka not too easy to access) emergency savings fund.
  28. Gave away two peppermint bark candy bars.
  29. Had PNB m&ms in my hand at Walgreen’s, but put them back. Also resisted 1/2 priced Christmas candy.
  30. Worked on a new budget for the year ahead.
  31. Having my painful right knee checked out before moving forward with training for the annie-versary 5k walk.