New Recipes!

I’ve been in  the kitchen this second and final snow day, and I tried two new recipes!

Sweet Potato Hummus
This is really good, especially considering I’m not the world’s hugest hummus fan. I eat mine with baked tortilla chips  that I make from whole wheat tortillas. It made a lot, so I put some of it in the freezer.

Carrot and Red Pepper Soup
This is one that my nutritionist gave me, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s creamy – from the soy milk, I suppose – and not at all spicy. I’ll probably use this as a snack; I froze it all in half-cup containers. Gramma would be proud of me. Instead of buying the prepared carrots (you know, already peeled and cut), I bought whole ones and peeled and cut them myself. She was a child of the depression and thought it was ridiculous to pay more to have someone peel and cut the carrots when you could do it yourself.

I was excited that these two recipes created a nice sized pile for the compost bin, too! I took that out this evening when I took the trash out. I’m excited about the compost bin!

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