Need to Snap Out of It

The last week, I’ve been fighting allergies/sinus trouble/cold symptoms. Started last Friday with a very bad sore throat, moved into congestion, then a horrible cough.  All of that, plus general tiredness. Doc’s office called in a ‘script for cough syrup, which knocked me out, so during the day, I’ve been doing over the counter meds. I spoke with a pharmacist this weekend who recommended that I may need an antibiotic from the doctor; I think I’ll call tomorrow.

The point is that I have just felt crummy this week, and my eating and workouts have reflected it. I haven’t gone on an eating binge or quit exercising, but I haven’t quite had the same enthusiasm for them either.

This is the time I need to be stepping up my game, but I’m just barely stepping at all.I’m hoping that after a restful weekend, my spirits will life tomorrow.

How do you deal with “the crud” and resulting lethargy?

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  1. Hey MP. I’ve had the same issues & my doc prescribed OTC remedies that really helped. First, Sudafed 12 Hour med which handles the allergies & the fatigue. You have to show your license for this med bc of the illegal “labs,” but this works. Second, to go with the Sudafed, my doctor prescribed Korean Ginseng. I found I couldn’t take them at the same time. I tried once & I remember telling a classmate that my brain was 4 paragraphs ahead of my mouth! LOL!! I also use a Neti pot occasionally. I really urge you Not to take an antibiotic. We set ourselves up for antibiotic resistance by taking antibiotics when they are not indicated. Here’s a link for more on that:

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