My Green Drink

Eight weeks ago, I would’ve laughed if you said that I would make and drink this, but times they are changing. Tonight, I made my first green drink: kale, apples, banana, strawberries, more kale, lemon juice. And I drank half a cup of it this evening. Really, not bad. I made enough for a couple of days, and put it in a pitcher in the ‘fridge. Starting tomorrow, I’ll shoot for half a cup with breakfast and another late evening.
In addition to making this, I cooked for the week today. I made Taco Soup – complete with homemade, no MSG Ranch dressing mix – some for the freezer, some for the weekend. I also have a turkey breast in the crock pot for sandwiches this week. Finally, I made a broccoli puree and added it to lean ground beef (along with oatmeal and some seasoning) for a meatloaf and/or patties later in the week. 
Working most of the day tomorrow – taking the Wheel of Sustainability out to the Congaree Land Trust event. It was tough cooking all day into the night, but will be worth not having to do it tomorrow with what little free time I will have!

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