MP Minus One First Alert Safe

Yesterday, I hit a milestone; I’ve lost 70 lbs. since September, 2010.

People commonly mark weight loss in terms of sticks of butter. Four sticks of butter equal one pound, so I’ve lost 280 sticks of butter. That’s a great visual because butter seems similar to fat. But I wondered what else weighs 70 lbs., and here’s what I found (thanks to Google):

I've lost as much as this safe weighs! CRAZY!

  • 12,670 pennies
  • 280 average sized bananas
  • 252,000 bees
  • 46,200 plain m&ms
  • One First Alert 1.2 cubic foot safe
  • 3360 Keurig k-cups

Looking back to the first post on this blog, I see where I wrote “Fifty lbs. would likely put me back in a 14 petite, and that would thrill me.” I’m not sure that I believed that I would do as well as I have; I know that I was so worried about not being able to eat anything. Now I’ve given up processed and fast food, and I’m even eating vegetables. And I’ve lost 50 lbs. and beyond. Pretty good stuff.

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  1. Your journey is amazing and inspiring – SEVENTY POUNDS?!?! amazing!! Inspires me to eat healthy, but reminds me in general that I can do anything I set my mind to. You rock!

  2. Ashley: You rock! You have been so supportive and encouraging from day one! People like you are the very reason I do this blog – you help me rise above the difficulties of this lifestyle change. Thank you, and know how much I appreciate your comments!

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