My Morning Motivation Mug

For Mother’s Day, Beth and I took Mom to Mad Platter, a local creative arts studio, where we spent the afternoon painting pottery.

I painted a “Morning Motivation Mug,” a special mug for my first cup of coffee. I have it weekdays between 4:15 -4:30 a.m., usually still in my PJs, and it sets the tone for that early morning workout.

On one side is a bright sun that reads “Rise, Shine & Sweat.” My trainer Danny recently told me to “Man Up,” so I transformed it to “Super Man Up” and illustrated it on the back. The handle boasts that magic milestone I hope to reach soon – 1oo lbs. lost – as well as a green recycling symbol. Around the pedestal, I scrolled “Lean Green MP.”

It’s a great way to start a very early morning, and I love it!


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