Morning Supermarket Trip

As if I hadn’t already become the supermarket queen with yesterday’s search for whole-wheat breadcrumbs, which I found at the sixth store, I made yet another trip this morning.

After the Tofu Nugget debacle, I decided maybe it would just be easier to learn to eat my veggies. So I stopped by Publix to get “steam-in-the-bag” broccoli to take to work for one of my snacks. I also got lemon pepper seasoning and eco-friendly plates to make it a little easier. While I was there, I also picked up ingredients to make bean dip, one of my assignments for the week, and a great vegan split-pea soup recipe I found yesterday. (I’m not going vegan, but came across the soup in one of the daily environmental e-mails that I receive.)

So eating healthier seems to involve more trips to the grocery store! Hopefully once I get in the hang of this more and learn more about which supermarket carries what, I will be going less. But in the meantime, I wish Foursquare had some kind of Grocery Girl badge – because I would have it!

PS. Did you know that my dog Winston likes broccoli? We found out when we left Miyo’s leftovers – with broccoli – on the counter. When he jumped up to eat it, I dared him – told him that it was just broccoli!  And he pulled it down and ate it all. Since then, I’ve always saved restaurant “brocci” for him.

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