May, 2017 Non-Scale Victories

  1. 38th week in a row at the gym!
  2. Made it through Raleigh to Durham without a co-pilot/navigator.
  3. Surpassed my step goal, skipped dessert and did 26 minutes on the treadmill with no stridor.
  4. Added lettuce shreds and chopped tomatoes to my vegetarian burrito.
  5. Lunch: meat-free protein Bento box lunch from Starbucks. Wonderful. Need to make something similar at home for work lunch.
  6. Added shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes to my vegetarian burrito.
  7.  Ate all vegetarian at the conference, too.
  8. Took STAR facilitator to M Vista so I could eat meatless and healthy.
  9. Survived the first day of STAR workshops, and they went better than I expected. The participation was strong and exceeded my expectations.
  10. 39th week in a row at the gym.
  11. Resisted dark chocolate Miniatures candy bars as well as a take-home leftover pizza.
  12. Passed on pizza lunch at Richland Recycles Day for a granola bar, banana and nuts.
  13. Visited Palmetto Richland and delivered Krispy Kreme to “our nurses” for Nurses Week.
  14. Held my own at a friend’s birthday bash, where I didn’t know too many people. Met some new faces, managed with my voice and felt quite comfortable.
  15. Had some great memory recall today on some rather small and specific items like passwords, email addresses and our intern’s middle initial.
  16. 40th week in a row at the gym.
  17. Slowly going longer and faster on the treadmill with little to no stridor.
  18. Feeling stronger every day!
  19. Trying a new online program: Noom. Like My Fitness Pal with feedback.
  20. Ordered some dresses to try for San Francisco.
  21. 41st week in a row at the gym.
  22. Helped cook public works week breakfast.
  23. MUSC trip successful, and Doc is going to try scar removal again to see if it helps. Added lettuce to my turkey sandwich.
  24. Felt okay about the CPAC meeting.
  25. Went out to dinner with Mom and Beth, and ate healthy.
  26. Enjoyed supper club, but didn’t over do it. Went meatless and didn’t have any fried food.
  27. Enjoyed brunch with Beth and FranceAnne at LePeep, but didn’t overdo it.
  28. Worked outside in the yard, specifically on the Confederate Rose bush. Required a lot of balance, and I did fine.
  29. Ate a lot of vegetables for dinner.
  30. Had a little ice cream without totally blowing it. (Small steps.)
  31. Week 42 in a row at the gym.