May 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Good training session today. Was able to do walking lunges, so hopefully the hip is A O-K!
  2. One of my “fat skirts” is getting too big
  3. A “splurge” for me now is usually just an Amy’s Margherita Pizza and low-fat ice cream, and sure- enough “splurges” are few and far between. I don’t have the same cravings for fast food anymore. After two and a half years, this clean eating is much more a lifestyle than a change or even “new” lifestyle.
  4. Found a very close to clean eating energy bar for my “emergency” stash, Larabar
  5. Tried some hash browns today while having breakfast out with family. And you know, I left most on the plate. Not nearly as good as I remember. And seemed “mushy.”
  6. Ordered a L race shirt, and when I picked it up, I thought that it would be too tight. But it fit perfectly!
  7. Overcame huge craving for a Chick-Fil-A. I went so far as to pull in the drive-thru, but just circled it and drove out.
  8. Someone I haven’t seen in a while commented that I was doing a good job maintaining my weight loss. My weight is up from my lowest, but at least the gain isn’t that obvious, at least to her.
  9. Wore a shirt today that I had bought when I was at my thinnest. Last fall, it had become too tight. Now I can wear it again.
  10. Mom bought me a size 12p pair of pants, to which I said, “They won’t fit.” But when I tried them on, they did.
  11. Bought workout “skirted leggings” today in a L. The salesperson selected that size. Had they asked, I probably would have requested an XXL. Never thought a L would fit in leggings, but they did AND they look cute.
  12. Completed a 5k. Walked it due to hip issue, but finished it nonetheless.
  13. Had a crazy busy Saturday and was tempted to sleep in today, but got up and got going. Bought groceries, cooked soup and boiled eggs, prepped two healthy casseroles, cleaned and sliced a box of local strawberries, washed gym clothes and washed dishes. All before going to the gym to work and work out. A full day with no rest, yes, but the week will be much easier as a result.
  14. 16,000k+ steps
  15. Took the DWC “Stairway to Heaven ” Challenge and made the board!
  16. Stood up for myself, which when I don’t, sometimes leads to overeating
  17. After a really bad, sad day, Beth and I went to Hooligan’s. I got my old favorite, chicken fingers and fries + extra honey mustard. Before I even  got halfway finished, I stopped and realized that I wasn’t really enjoying it. I packed up the chicken for the dogs and left the fries on my plate.
  18. Still surprised when I take a L instead of an XL, especially after gaining back a little weight
  19. Resisted Public Works Week peanuts and popcorn
  20. Resisted the sweets aisle at Target even though I was really wanting some dark chocolate
  21. Went to a lunchtime yoga class
  22. Trained even though I was really tempted to take a break
  23. Resisted Chick-Fil-A to the tune of turning in, but leaving instead of getting in the drive-thru line
  24. Took a risk on returning the shoes, and it paid off!
  25. Completed MyFitnessPal log for the first time in over a week.
  26. Went to yoga again. I felt fat and awkward, and I was scared that my knee or hip would pop out of place any minute. I fought the fears and stayed, and I felt phenomenal afterwards.
  27. Ended the month with my name on the AMT Challenge board! YAY!

I’m a few NSVs short. It was a rough final 10 days of the month, and some days, it was nearly impossible to view anything as a non-scale victory. Here’s to June!

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