March Non-Scale Victories

Here are those great little non-scale victories that happened in March!

  • Back on the elliptical after being off with aches and pains, and felt much stronger, even up a level or two.
  • Saw a darling dress while shopping – commented it looked too small, but it fit me!
  • Noticing some great muscle tone in my outer lower thighs, just above the knee.
  • The workout pants I bought back in November – the ones that I was so excited about because they were an XL – are starting to get loose!
  • A different pair of workout pants – also XL – ARE too loose. Almost lost them during today’s workout.
  • Bought a LARGE jacket. Regular large. From 20W to large in six months!
  • Saw something I hadn’t seen in a while – my collarbone!
  • New pajamas: Size L
  • My Citizens eco-drive watch getting looser and looser
  • Finally starting to notice some toning in my upper thighs
  • Daniel is ramping up my workout, and I’m doing things I haven’t been able to do before. Really seeing progress with the strength training!
  • Someone at work saw me from the back and said she didn’t recognize me
  • Wearing my favorite raincoat today. It was slightly snug when I received it for Christmas; now it is toward the too big side.
  • Caught myself in the mirror today and noticed that my stomach looks a little flatter. Not flat, not even near flat, but flatter!
  • My size 14 w dress is getting loose!

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