March 2017 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Attended Ash Wednesday service at lunch so I could go to the gym after work.
  2. 29th week in a row at the gym.
  3. Didn’t create a weekend to do list because I need a break. So tired of all these lists and other demands on my time.
  4. Productive day. Up and out early for work and
  5. Cooked in the a.m. Walked a hilly part of the 5k route for practice. Also found my long misplaced “Daddy necklace.” Cleaned a much needed box of clothes pile in my room.
  6. 30 weeks in a row at the gym!
  7. After a week of exceeding my 6000 step goal four days last week, I bumped it up to 6250. Back on my way to 10,000.
  8. Didn’t need new glasses, and my wallet cheered. Doc says I’m showing the beginnings of cataracts, which is why I see some change in my vision.
  9. 7000+ steps multiple days this week.
  10. All-time high score in Lumosity.
  11. Walked one half of the Get to the Green 5k, and had no pain, stridor or trouble.
  12. Fitted for new shoes at Fleet Feet, finally.
  13. 31 weeks in a row at the gym.
  14. Picked up my race packet and didn’t feel self-conscious.
  15. Made my first MP 2.o aneurysm presentation to a book club.
  16. Instead of buying two Strawberry Cream Eggs, I bought one, cut it in half and left the second half for Beth.
  17. Got the CDP report draft done in time to get expert review before final due date.
  18. Walked the St. Patricks Day Get to the Green 5k.
  19. Took a nice relaxing rest day. Started Body Awareness book.
  20. 32 weeks in a row at the gym.
  21. Took a few days off from the gym to let my hip and knee discomfort shake out.
  22. Incorporating more of the Body Kindness concepts
  23. Up and out early to run some errands.
  24. Turned down a Fitbit Weekend Warrior challenge because I tend to put negative pressure on myself during them.
  25. Set up new Fitbit.
  26. Sat criss cross applesauce for the first time in a while.
  27. 33 weeks in a row at the gym. Shooting for 52.
  28. Kismet has provided me with an all-expenses paid trip to the SF Bay for a JNF conference. Two years ago I would’ve done it differently, but I’m going by myself and don’t plan to “visit” while I’m there. And that is a good thing.
  29. Hit my step goal.
  30. Handled a topsy-turvy moment at work well and with a smile. (So much so that someone noticed it and commented on it.)
  31. Made it to Friday!