Lucked Up in the Kitchen

My what must be a huge mistake, I made the BEST meatloaf! I was on yet another morning energy high this a.m. after my workout, and decided to get creative. I took about 3/4 lb. of lean ground beef, added oatmeal, green veggie puree, a few mashed cooked carrots, Worcestershire sauce and   ketchup. (No recipe just goofing off!) I shaped it up, threw it in the crockpot on low and added some ketchup to the top. And when I came home at 6 p.m., voila – meatloaf. It was DELISH!

I’ve actually been a wild woman in the kitchen today. This evening, I made a batch of baked tortilla faux chips. Tomorrow at work, we’re having an Alabama-USC chili lunch. Someone is making vegetarian chili, thank goodness, and I wanted to bring healthy chips.

I have two goals that I need to work on this weekend: make one of the dip recipes that Traci gave me and try a new vegetable. I have the ingredients for the dip, but need to play in the produce aisle Saturday afternoon.

  1. Have you tried kohlrabi? It's like a cross between a cabbage and a radish, but it looks BIZARRE – like an alien/Sputnik or somethin'. They are very fun, especially cut up and tossed in salads.

    Also: do you have a food processor with a shredder attachment?

    That meatloaf sounds great! I've never made meatloaf in the slow cooker before. Do you get the same browning on top as you would from the oven?

  2. Haven't tried or even seen kohlrabi! Yes, I just got a food processor. Unsure about the browning on top – but probably not…

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