Give Recycling a Leg Up!

What do you do with your old panty hose? Use them to tie up tomato plants? Stuff pillows? Make a Halloween mask? Thanks to No Nonsense, you can now add “Recycle into park benches” to that list!

That’s right! No Nonsense recently announced the first pantyhose recycling program – a step toward a greener planet and one that most women can easily take.

Click here for details on this exciting new recycling program. The great news is that they take all brands and types, even tights!

I’m excited about this program for a couple of reasons:

  1.  It’s another way I can keep something out of the landfill. These days, hose run so easily – it’s not uncommon for me to go through several pair a week.
  2. I’m in yet another size smaller panty hose, and I have a lot of large sized ones taking up needed extra space at the house. Now I have a guilt-free way to get rid of them!

Be sure to let your friends know about this program, too! Perhaps you can even collect and ship them together!

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