Last Week + Assessment Results

Today marked the end of my third twelve weeks. It’s a different day than my usual nutrition meetings. We don’t go over my food log or set new goals; we just do weight, measurement and some tests. Before I reveal my assessment results, here’s an update on last week’s goals:

  1. Add beans to my fave quinoa pilaf. Done, and it’s quite a yummy dish. By adding the beans, I think I can use this as a meatless meal instead of just a side dish.
  2. At least twice, do the elliptical for five minutes at level 4, >120 spm. Done. Didn’t seem to have any hip or heel issues.
  3. Make pizzas and get them in the freezer. Done. Made three small pizzas – two with a veggie sauce (pureed carrots and spinach + tomato sauce) and roasted asparagus, one margherita. Made into six two-slice servings and popped in the freezer.
  4. Make a new veggie medley. Done. Green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes and red pepper.

Assessment Results

My third 12 weeks is in the books and following is a snapshot of my results:

Lbs. Lost
This 12 Weeks: 20
36 Week Total: 66

Inches Lost, Waist
This 12 Weeks: 2
36 Week Total: 7

Inches Lost, Hips
This 12 Weeks: 3.5
24 Week Total: 8

% Body Fat
Today: 37.5
September 2010: 47.9

Body Mass Index
Today: 28.9
September 2010: 40.6

What’s Next?

I’m going to start a fourth and final twelve weeks next week.  It’s technically a free week – next week, we won’t go over a food log – but I will keep one anyway.

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