June, 2017 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Woke up early, did some things before leaving for work.
  2. Went to the gym on a non-scheduled gym day for a short step boost.
  3.  Spent the morning with Mom
  4. Cooked for the week ahead.
  5. Tonight marked 43 weeks in a row at the gym, which beats my personal best from before the aneurysm rupture. Working toward 52 weeks.
  6. Feeling stronger and a little smaller in my upper back.
  7. Someone at work who I don’t see a lot saw me on my way out, and commented how proud he was of me for coming back so strong. He said I was really strong and determined, too. As much as I question myself, it was a nice thing to hear.
  8. Ate well while traveling cross-country.
  9. Voluntarily spoke in front of a large group of people because I didn’t want to lose a chance to thank some really special folks.
  10. Held my own at a fancy gala at the Fairmont in San Franscisco.
  11. Planned a full day in San Francisco over breakfast. Even when thrown a complication, I recovered well and had a great day on my own.
  12. 14,000 steps yesterday; a post-aneurysm high.
  13. 44 weeks in a row at the gym.
  14. Jet-lagged and overslept two days in a row, but still made it to work on time, a little early even.
  15. JNF meeting went well and got out early, even.
  16. Rare Friday after work cardio.
  17. Started cleaning the house 20/10 style.
  18. Cooked three dishes for the week ahead.
  19. 45 weeks in a row at the gym.
  20. Walked a lot at the DHEC Take Action Event and had no stridor.
  21. Met daily step goal and then some.
  22. Successful vocal cord procedure today.
  23. 46 weeks in a row at the gym.
  24. Passed on banana pudding at lunch.
  25. Jumped back on better eating track after a detour during and after surgery.
  26. Didn’t go to Fresh Market until I checked my balance.
  27. Resisted buying a new Fireflies t-shirt. Gotta pay those medical bills first.
  28. Overcame my OCD enough to cut a post-surgery workout short because I felt weakish.
  29. STAR update presentation to CPAC in the books.
  30. Aced a media interview today, some two years after I mistakenly declared that the aneurysm had taken away my spokesperson abilities.