June 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Took one of the hardest falls I’ve ever taken, but aside from a little bruising, wasn’t hurt. Convinced that the out-of-shape MP would’ve been injured.
  2. Overslept morning workout, but did evening cardio, something I do not like and usually make excuses NOT to do.
  3. Completed MyFitnessPal log for the first time in a week
  4. First time doing rolling hills setting on AMT for the first time since I strained my gluteus minimus/medius
  5. 15,000+ step day
  6. Saw someone who hadn’t seen me in years, and he was amazed by my weight loss. Made me feel much better since I was beating up on myself for a gain.
  7. Three days and counting without artificial sweeteners
  8. Cooking for the week this weekend.
  9. Using light vanilla soy milk instead of Silk vanilla creamer
  10. Had a not-so-good eating day, but still turned down an offer to go to Round Robin for burgers
  11. Helped someone with the AMT at the gym. She wanted to try it since she seen me on it “for so long” and asked me to tell her about it and how to use it.
  12. Completed first cardio workout since incident with the mandoline slicer (sliced off quite a hunk of “hand heel”)
  13. Sorely tempted to grab a candy bar, but moved on instead of picking one up
  14. Completed first strength training session since incident with the mandoline slicer
  15. 11,000+ step day
  16. Tried a bit of honey in my coffee instead of artificial sweetner
  17. Over snacked on chocolate during a staff meeting, but got right back on track with a healthy lunch instead of using the slip up to treat myself to something not-so-healthy for lunch.
  18. Asked for a re-do haircut instead of ruminating over something I was not satisfied with.
  19. Tried a new recipe, Alton Brown’s spicy roasted chickpeas
  20. Avoided going to the grocery store while I was hungry.
  21. Went to Original House of Pancakes and didn’t get pancakes, even the “healthier” ones.
  22. Tried a new recipes, strawberry/grilled chicken/goat cheese whole wheat pizza
  23. Ordered a great new water infuser bottle to get natural fruit flavored water instead of adding Crystal Light
  24. Still have a diet drink every now and then, but have virtually given up “blues and pinks” (Equal and Sweet ‘n Low)
  25. Threw away a hardly eaten from half-gallon of ice cream. I knew if I kept it, I would eat it.
  26. Pulled the weighted sled during this a.m.’s strength training, and it DIDN’T hurt my strained minimus/medius = progress
  27. Politely refused a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup from a co-worker
  28. Didn’t go to the grocery store because I felt weak to the temptation of ice cream.
  29. Bought NO sweets at the grocery store today. Sweets have become a problem for me; I can’t seem to do them in moderation.
  30. In the kitchen all day cooking healthy food for the week ahead
One comment to “June 2013 Non-Scale Victories”
  1. This is a neat idea to list your non-scale victories. I am going to start doing this. Then maybe I will see the victories more and won’t beat myself up so much with slip ups.

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