July 2016 Non-Scale Victories

  1. During my vocal cord procedure, Dr. O was able to get my right vocal cord to move. And according to Sister, she was excited about it!
  2. Stayed overnight in Charleston to get some post-op rest.
  3. Still getting into petite clothes. Made some great purchases in Charleston.
  4. Went above and beyond getting my rest; also got a few things done in my room.
  5. Accidentally slept until 7:30 a.m. and still made it to work by 8:30 a.m.
  6. Was proactive with treatment of upset stomach, possible c Diff recurrance.
  7. Organized a great intern interview panel and made a good selection.
  8. Doing well using my “Self Tracker” to plan my day and track my goals.
  9. Finally got a good car wash. The last one I remember was a year ago. Scheduling a detailing soon, too.
  10. Cooked a Mexican Chili Pasta dish for the week ahead.
  11. Someone who has the world by the string commented that she wouldn’t “have the nuts” to wear something I was wearing. (My colorful glasses, in particular.) If I had her life, I think I’ve have the nuts to do anything. I guess deep down, even supposed “perfect people” have self-confidence issues, not just me.
  12. I had a regular Coke in hand, but put it back.
  13. Climbed up to check the hose on the back patio. (I could shoot whoever put the spigot so far out of reach!)
  14. Had one of the best work weeks in years. Made me want to jump up on my desk and cheer!
  15. Had a colleague from over 20 years ago share something so touching that I literally teared up.
  16. Envy apples. Would rather have one of them than a sweet snack. Best. Apple. Ever.
  17. Made it to church after  a few misses.
  18. Back at the gym after a medical break, doc’s orders.
  19. Had a nearly perfect nutrition day.
  20. For the first day in a while, had no sweets or added sugar.
  21. Attended the BIA-SC Conference.
  22. Asked question during BIA-SC keynote without a mic, and the speaker heard me.
  23. Stood my ground on a shorter hair cut.
  24. Fresh start on the nutrition front.
  25. Had a long one-on-one meeting today that I was not only really prepared for, but also noticed a significant positive change in my conversational breathing.
  26. Not tempted by fortune cookies at lunch. No sweets or added sugar today.
  27. Reached out to a potential sponsor, total cold call, and they came through with $1000. Best. surprise. EVER!
  28. 7000 steps!
  29. A few new highs on Lumosity.
  30. Saved $20 at CVS, payed it forward on a credit card I’m trying to pay off.
  31. Three days at the gym this week, even with my trainer out on vacation.