It’s Only Arthritis!

I went to see Dr. DaSilva at Midlands Ortho today, and the news is good: I only have a little arthritis. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory – Volteran XR – and said to continue as I am with the workouts. He said that when the knee is bothering me, the bike is the best route, and to keep up the good work.

Even better news: he said that I will not likely have another knee dislocation. He says that the chances for that to happen decrease as we age (one GOOD thing about aging, I suppose) and that if I’ve gone 12 years without it happening again, it won’t likely happen again.

While I was waiting for my prescription to be filled, I picked up my workout clothes so I could go after work! I’m less than 1.5 lbs. from breaking out of the 200s, and it can’t come fast enough!

PS. I’m reminded that when Gramma spoke of her arthritis, she described it as a “visit from Arthur.” LOL!

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