Is Your Family Hampering Your Weight Loss?

I’ve been lucky. By and large, my family and friends have been supportive of my improved eating habits and resulting weight loss. However, there have been a few folks who’ve been frustrating along the way. Do comments like these sound familiar?

“Oh, I forgot. We can’t eat at 10,000 Calorie Burger Joint. You can’t eat there.”

“You can’t avoid 10,000 Calorie Burgers forever. This is a lifestyle change, and you can’t avoid them forever.”

“You aren’t as much fun now that you won’t go out to any good restaurants.”

“Why don’t you make hamburgers anymore?”

Because I’m single and don’t have children, I think I’ve had it easier than  most. My sister/roommate, Beth, enjoy the food I cook now, in some cases, more than I do. And if she wants something else, she simply goes and gets it. My friends who cook for their husbands and/or children don’t always have it so easy.

From Every Day Health, check out this great article on how you can get your family aboard, even if they aren’t changing  their lifestyle like you. I especially like the idea of making healthier versions of favorite foods by substituting ingredients.

If you cook for your family, how have you been successful in getting their buy-in and support?

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