In the Home Stretch + Banner Day

Today I met with Traci  for my next to the last nutrition meeting for my third twelve weeks.

It was a good week, actually, especially the second half of the week. I met the goals we set – maintain water intake, vary snacks, safely increase level on elliptical – and did especially well cooking and mixing/matching food combinations.

Here are the goals for my final week of the third twelve weeks:

  1. Add beans to my fave quinoa pilaf. Danny is increasing the intensity of my training, and I need to be sure to get plenty of protein.
  2. At least twice, do the elliptical for five minutes at level 4, >120 spm. If there are no hip or heel issues afterward, we’ll start increasing the time the following week and beyond.
  3. Make pizzas and get them in the freezer. Always a good way for me to get added veggies.
  4. Keep my veggies up, and to help do that, Traci challenged me to make a new veggie medley. Now, my fave is corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, peas and asparagus. I need to come up with a new one that incorporates at least one new veggie.

The banner day?

  • This morning, I weighed 163.8, which marks 65 lbs. lost since September.
  • Danny increase the intensity of my training session, adding sled dragging (95 lbs) and bench presses (started at 45 lbs.)  If you had told me eight months ago that I would be doing that, I would’ve laughed.

Tomorrow, I get blood work done for my physical. It’s been a year since I had it done, and I’m especially excited to see how things may have changed since I started my healthy eating and exercise program at Doctors Wellness Center.

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