I’m Doing the "Rot Thing"

I’ve started something today that I never thought I would: composting!

I have nothing against composting, and in fact, have always admired those who did it. But until the last few months, the things I ate made it difficult for me to compost. After all, you can’t compost meat, grease, bread or dairy. There wasn’t much left in my case.

Four months ago, I started eating better, but composting still never crossed my mind. It was another problem that got my attention: fruit flies! Yep, those peelings and scraps were causing fruit flies. And as I brainstormed how to get rid of them, Traci called to tell me that she was at Starbucks and saw that they gave used coffee grounds away to composters. AHA, I thought, I could compost! That was early December, and I put “compost bin” on my Christmas list.

Today I put together the compost bin. It wasn’t easy – I really needed a second set of hands, and Beth is sick in bed – but with the help of my feet and zip ties, I did it. Despite the cold, I’ve placed the bin in what I think is the best spot – by the garbage roll cart beside the garage – and added a thin layer of browns, pine straw and dead leaves. By the end of the day, I’ll have added my first batch of “greens,” i.e. food scraps.

On any given Sunday – my cooking day – I produce a pretty significant amount of food scraps, mostly peelings. Last week, I put the scraps in a plastic container and saved them in the freezer, which my ICLEI buddy, Cyrus, recommended.

For now, one pot of soup is on, and I’m taking a quick nap to warm up! I froze getting the compost bin set up outside!

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