I Even Surprise Myself!

My grandmother is probably rolling over in her grave, and for that matter, I’m pretty surprised myself : I’m joining Pinckney’s Produce Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for the Spring/Summer season.

Basically, I’ll pre-pay for shares of the seasons’ harvest, then receive a box of fresh vegetables each week. Thirteen weeks of products picked at the peak of ripeness and flavor and delivered to a convenient location in my neighborhood. I’m getting the small box – enough for just one – but you can sign up for a wide variety of sizes. It’s a great way to support sustainable local farming, and I think it will be a great motivation to try lots of seasonal produce.
Spring/summer produce includes collards; mustards; turnips; lettuces; kale; arugula; radishes; beets; cabbage; cilantro; beans; onions; peas ; peppers; potatoes; sweet corn; tomatoes; cantaloupe; watermelons; strawberries; squash; zucchini.
For those of you who know me or know me through the blog, you know that I really just started eating veggies about four months ago. And the fact that I’m so excited about doing this surprises even me! I can’t wait to get my weekly box and see what kind of fun I can have with it! I figure the worst thing that can happen is that I try something new and don’t like it – but Sister is like Mikey; she likes everything I make!
Here is a link to Pinckney Farms, who has the CSA I’m signing up for: http://www.pinckneysproduce.com/.I’m sure there are others in the area, but I saw this one first.

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