How to Handle the Healthy Haters

Although it was much worse at the beginning, I still get unwanted negative feedback from a group I call the haters, people who criticize me for eating healthier, working out and losing weight.

If you’re doing one or all of the above, you probably know what I’m talking about. Perhaps these sound familiar:

  • “You are just obsessed.”
  • “You can’t go without XXX forever. I eat what I want and am much more realistic than you. You shouldn’t be so rigid.”
  • “Why are you still meeting with that nutritionist. You know what to do now; why are you still seeing her? You have to go out on your own one day.”

It amazes me that people can AND DO find fault for something I am doing for myself, but they do.

I ran across a great blog post that addresses this – Stop Cheating Us Both: Get Healthy or Don’t, But Own It – from Katy Widrick, founder of  Fitblog Chats. I wanted to share it because she says it so well. Thanks, Katy!

Curious if any of you also receive comments from the “peanut gallery.” If so, what are some things you hear most often? How do you deal with those comments and those folks  in general?

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  1. Do I ever! I have been a vegetarian in SC for nearly 20 years! 🙂 now that i’m also working out religiously, the haters are at fever pitch. I was just called crazy today, in fact, because I went to hot yoga last night.I alternate between a smart aleck “talk to me in 20 years when i still feel and look fabulous” and a more earnest “but it all just makes message feel so great! It’s addictive!”

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