Healthy in Twelve Update

It’s been about a little over a month since I returned home to Columbia. Because my healthy eating had gone astray during my recovery/rehab and I needed to up the nutritional ante to facilitate my healing, I returned to Doctors Wellness Center for the Healthy in 12 program.

About one month in, I’m down about four lbs., but more importantly, I’m eating healthy again. I’m much more in tune with getting enough protein, fiber and key nutrients. I have to eat well to heal – my brain will be healing for the next two years.

Twice a month, I see nutritionist Jeff Hale, and we walk through my food logs maintained via My Fitness Pal. Jeff advocates the limited use of some healthier convenience foods, such as Total cereal and Fiber One bars, and that is making it easier. That is new for me; before I was much more legalistic on myself, pushing myself to go the vegan route. (I’m still eating very few processed foods, mostly just the cereal and bars.)

The workouts are going well. I’m once again training with Jared aka Cash. I worked out with him before the aneurysm, so he knows both my capabilities and tendency to push myself too hard. I work out with him twice a week, usually on my days off. Cash is helping me strengthen my core and hips, where I seem to have had the most muscular atrophy. He also adds a balance component as I’m still a little off kilter.

On non-training days, I’m doing cardio on the SCIFit, a machine I used during my rehabilitation at Shepherd. This evening, I had worked up to 35 minutes and light sweat. (Lest you think that is too much, I used to do an hour on the elliptical and left soaking wet.)

One month in, I’m very pleased with my progress. I won’t lie, I’d love to drop a few more lbs., but I’m happy with my improved eating habits. Healthy in 12 is definitely a great tool in my healing tool kit.

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