HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY with This Recipe!

I have not been this happy about food in quite some time!

I love eating better, and I love even more how it makes me feel. But happy or excited about food? Not especially. I can’t even say I was excited about food before, except maybe when I got to eat something I hadn’t had in a while, like Bob’s Pizza in Gramma’s old town.

But last night, I made Glazed Tofu, and it made me happy!

Years ago, there was a great Chinese restaurant on Decker Boulevard called The Orient. It was one of a kind. Recipes were named after local celebrities who frequented it, and you always saw someone you knew there. I’m not a huge fan of Chinese food, but there was one dish there I loved, cheese tofu. Never had anything else like it. Until tonight! The Glazed Tofu isn’t exactly the same thing, but darn close.

I found this recipe in Nutrition Action Newsletter, which I discovered through Mom. I love the newsletter, and I’m thinking about giving a subscription or two for Christmas!

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