Handling the Haters

Any of you who have made positive changes in your life have encountered at least one person who gives you a hard time. For me, it’s a well-intentioned co -worker. Every time I pass on the treat that someone brings into the office, he taunts me with “you can’t live this way forever, so you might as well have one.”

When it comes to office treats, I almost always politely decline without giving an explanation or ragging on him for having it. I am guilty, though, of sometimes passing a judgment with my refusal. That’s why I love today’s post from Summer Tomato, “How to Eat Healthy Without Being a Buzzkill.”

In the post, Darya offers eight pieces of advice, including:

  • Don’t get defensive. (Perhaps my most common reaction.)
  • Don’t offer unsolicited advice.
  • Harmless lie.

Check out Darya’s post. And if you have other ways of dealing with the haters,  please share them.

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