The Quest for a Green Kitchen Continues…

Considering that I speak sustainability for a living and call myself Lean Green MP, I really don’t blog enough about going green in the environmental sense.

Tonight, I’m going to a compost class, and I’m pretty excited. I started composting when I started eating better, but I’m still quite the beginner. I’ll be sure to share any great tips I get.

Until then, enjoy this great article I came across over the weekend: 10 Food Rules to Live By. It sounds like it’s about the right foods to eat, and to some extent, it is; it’s also a list of ways to make your kitchen more sustainable, which I really need to do. (But, I do have a green kitchen. Literally, it’s painted green!)

  • One thing I already do is to “eat meatless on Mondays.” Well, not always on Mondays, but I do try to go meatless one day a week.
  • The thing that most surprised me? The energy-efficiency of a slow cooker. I have one, and I use it from time to time, but mostly for convenience. It never occurred to me that it’s also energy efficient.
  • The thing I could most work on, at least from this list? That’s easy — loving lentils. I’ve tried them a few times, but  haven’t really acquired a taste for them. (Got any good lentil recipes to share?)

How about you? Looking at this list, what do you already do? Anything surprise you? What could you most work on?


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