Green Drink!

Well, I finally did it. I tried a “green drink” today, and I liked it.

Since the first time I met Traci, she’s always had a “green drink,” a smoothie made from veggies and fruit. I’ve always turned up my nose at it, and I never thought I’d even try one.

My boss, Missy, who is also doing the LEAN program, dislikes veggies even more than me. Yesterday, Traci made her try a sip of her green drink, and he liked it. She brought some in for us to try today, and it wasn’t bad. I just tasted – fresh! Hers was made in the blender with kale, apples, a banana and a few strawberries.

I called Traci and asked how I would use a green drink in my day and if I could drink it instead of eating veggies. The answer was NO; it doesn’t replace anything, it just enhances the plan. She suggested that I try drinking 4 oz. of green drink in the morning and at night, and I can do that.  I’m going to start tomorrow.

I think I will put it in an opaque container and cup, though. I can drink it, but I’m not sure I want to see it while I’m drinking it! LOL!

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