Gramma Would Be Tickled

I’d hoped to write a post about how Gramma has influenced me during this journey, but the night got away from me. After nutrition, workout, grocery shopping and dinner, it’s bed time! I plan to get to it earlier tomorrow, but I did want to share something that reminded me of her tonight!

Lately, I’ve been craving a turkey sandwich. But I’m learning that processed food isn’t the best choice, so I figured that I’d just have to wait until Thanksgiving. But tonight at Publix, I started nosing around and finally had a chat with the butcher. I told him that I wanted to make a turkey, but didn’t want to go to the production that Gramma did at Thanksgiving. So he took me over to the turkeys and showed me the options. I ended up with a frozen boneless turkey breast that I can even cook in the crock pot!

As I walked away with my little frozen turkey, I thought that Gramma would be SO proud that I was finally trying to find my way in the kitchen! She’d also probably shoot me for not asking her to cook a turkey for us, but would be proud, too!

I’m looking forward to getting to the turkey, probably this weekend. Stay tuned!

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  1. Lemme know how that turkey turns out. I HATE turkey–like Tgiving turkey–it has bones in it! BLAH! But I think the boneless turkey breast might be bearable. Lemme know what you do with it (recipe). XOXOX

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