Goals for the Week

I met with Traci today, and here are my goals for the week:

  1. Try a new veggie.
  2. Keep eating at least 1/2 beans per day.
  3. Take care of my foot (plantar fasciitis).
  4. Move daily.
  5. Work on flexibility.
  6. Find at least one new way to relax.

We also looked at a Pawley’s menu and I made a selection for lunch tomorrow. Some of us from work are going to celebrate someone’s retirement, and there aren’t a lot of good options for me. I think I’m going to get the Mahi Mahi Salad, hold the cheese, sub vinaigrette for dressing.

I also asked Traci about subbing Naked Juice’s Green Machine for my green drink while I’m traveling. She said that the first four ingredients were fruit juices, and that the sugars are going to be too high. I  think I’ve decided to purchase a mini blender to take with me so I can make my green drink there.

Increased my time on the bike to 45 minutes. this evening. I’m going to try to do 45 minutes on it on non-training days, and those days, I’m going to stick with 30 minutes.

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