Food Diary Woes

In addition to keeping a log here online, my nutritionist asks me to keep one on paper. So old school and rigid that I can’t stand it. I’ve tried for the last hour or so to find an iPhone app that does the same thing, but I haven’t found one that I like and tracks all of the things the paper form tracks. So I guess I’ll stick with the paper one. I am going to quit tracking here, though, as it is just double work.

My problem with the paper form, besides having to keep up with it, is that it’s not flexible. When I exercise early a.m., for instance, my nutritionist asks me to have something to eat beforehand. It’s like a “pre-breakfast snack,” but there is no form to record it. I scribble it in the margins, but now the sheet is all messy. I know that I’m being too Type-A about it, but what can I say?

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