Five Month Milestone, Late Night Musings

I can’t sleep, so I got online. As I was looking back at the blog, I realized that today marks five months of my new lifestyle. I started on September 8, 2010. A lot of great things have happened since then, but one of the most amazing to me is that I have not had one migraine since giving up processed food.

This week, I head to Kansas City for a quick trip. I serve on the American Public Works Association Center for Sustainability board, and we are meeting at the APWA headquarters for a face to face meeting. I’m planning for the weather – look at this forecast, low of zero – and also how to maintain my healthy eating while away from home. I’m taking some food, including a bag of kale, green apples, oatmeal and natural peanut butter. I’m arriving early and cabbing to the closest grocery store for soy milk and whole wheat bread. I’m also taking a “mini mixer” so I can make my green drink.

On a side note, I’m very fortunate to serve on this APWA committee, especially since they pay for all travel associated with meetings. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have been able to participate. This will be my last face to face meeting before my term ends, and I’m looking forward to one last visit to Kansas City and spending time with a great group of sustainability professionals.

I meet with Traci today – back to Tuesdays with Traci for the next couple of weeks – and also do a “at home” weigh in. My hope was to hit the 40 lbs. lost milestone before my trip, and I think I’ve not only met it, but exceeded it by a little bit. I’ll report in later today with the weigh-in results and this week’s goals.

It’s 2:47 a.m., and since my alarm will off in less than two hours for Tuesday training, I suppose I should at least try to close my eyes…

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