February, 2015 Non-Scale Victories

Better late than never, here’s that monthly list of my health and wellness victories that DON’T involve the scale.

  1. Took a 4.2 mile fitness walk.
  2. Wearing a new pair of pants today that are a size smaller!
  3. Felt a twinge of regret for something I did last night, but didn’t indulge in “comfort food” to feel better. Just owned the feeling and moved on.
  4. Back into and wearing my favorite sleeping shorts that  I haven’t been able to wear in well over a year + did a 45-minute rolling hills workout on the AMT.
  5. This Facebook post from a friend:BTW, if I haven’t mentioned lately, you motivate me every day. I’m finally starting to see a few pounds shed, but I’m not celebrating publicly until I’m sure I’m past my “yo-yo zone.” Thank you for being you. 🙂
  6. One of our Public Works employees died on the job today, and it was an extremely emotional afternoon. I REALLY wanted to skip my strength training to just chill, but I knew if I went, it would make me feel better. So I pushed myself and went.
  7. Decided I needed a trip to the beach, so we went. Four hours later. Great and much-needed treat.
  8. Sister told me that my tush looked better. She doesn’t give a lot of compliments, and the ones she gives are sincere.
  9. I was 100% myself today in a comment I made to someone, and though it may’ve scared them to death, I have nothing to regret. (Ha!)
  10. Size smaller pants getting really loose.
  11. Walked from my luncheon at the Capital City Club to City Hall instead of driving.
  12. Voluntarily made and ate a salad.
  13. Continuing to notice major changes in my legs: stronger, leaner.
  14. I was the best Valentine to myself! 🙂 It was fun treating myself as I would others all week long.
  15. Got up from a nap with the dog to work out. (It was hard, but I did it!)
  16. Decided to give up the scales/weighing for Lent (February 18-April 5)
  17. Walked in Five Points at lunch.
  18. Arrived early to lunch meeting, walked in nearby park instead of waiting in the car.
  19. Walked the stairs at City Hall while everyone else took the elevator.
  20. Strength trained on my own tonight (with a workout from Jarrett) since my schedule was so odd this week.
  21. Bundled up, got out early and participated in the Race for the Place 5k today! Walked it because of my hip strain, but had my 3+ miles in by 9 a.m.
  22. A man I worked out with early mornings for years saw me today and complimented me on how well I’ve kept my weight off. I haven’t seen him since July 2014, when I switched to evening workouts.
  23. Did a tough workout that I wasn’t sure I could do. But I did.
  24. 90 minutes of strength training with no hip or knee pain! YAY!!
  25. Did two new and challenging exercises during strength training.
  26. Someone complimented me on how good my running pants looked on me.
  27. Saw someone I haven’t seen in years, and she was amazed by my weight loss.
  28. Tried a new tofu recipe.

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