February 2013 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Survived one of my toughest training sessions and later felt FABULOUS
  2. Friends invited us out to dinner at a restaurant with very few clean choices, so I looked the menu online beforehand and came up with a plan. I asked them to make something that wasn’t on the menu, and they happily obliged and it was wonderful!
  3. Made breakfasts for the week today.
  4. 46 minutes on the AMT for 501 calories
  5. Had to get on the “easy elliptical,” but increased my intensity to make it more challenging
  6. Asked to buy muffins for a work breakfast. Instead of buying six, bought four and also brought bananas.
  7. Someone offered me a free Village Idiot pizza, and I turned them down. And in turn, they ended up not getting one.
  8. There’s a certain top I bought in December that, until today, required a “shapewear” undergarment, but as of today, I can wear it with a regular bra.
  9. Did a 5K today!
  10. Moved to intervals on the AMT
  11. Pushed myself to go 45 minutes the AMT doing intervals, not the standard 2/1 levels
  12. Hello collarbones, good to see you again
  13. Fought rain, a cuddly cat and a late night to do cardio and pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do. And afterwards, my “neighbor” looked over at my stats and said, “Wow! You really worked it  today.”
  14. Experimenting with some flavored olive oils
  15. Did a rolling hills workout on the AMT that I didn’t think I was  going to be able to do, especially after a week off
  16. Walked through the candy section at Mast General Store twice this week and didn’t buy anything
  17. Turning my iPhone off earlier at night in an attempt to get better and earlier sleep
  18. Seem to have lost my taste for bacon and cheeseburgers, by and large
  19. Resisted a really good latte drink for a regular drip coffee
  20. Resisted buying Girl Scout cookies
  21. Sometimes just getting up and going in is a non-scale victory, especially when you’re sick.
  22. Resisted buying Girl Scout cookies
  23. Was really sick the past week, but didn’t have any Coca Cola
  24. Resisted buying Girl Scout cookies
  25. This
  26. Made it back to the gym the first early morning since  illness-related
  27. Could no longer resist Girl Scout cookies, so bought my faves and shared them with the office. Still probably had too many, but not as many as I would’ve had!
  28. Took my own soy creamer to the coffee shop

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