Extra Time at the Gym

The past few days, I’ve added some extra work at the gym. Traci says that I need to stretch every day, not just on training days. On the days I just go over to exercise, I’m staying to do three types of stretches with a band. And when I have time, I’m also trying to do the knee exercises I do at home at the gym. They’re simple, straight-leg exercises that strengthen the upper leg, but they’re easier to do at the gym. When I do them at home, I do them on the bed, and Winston thinks it’s play time and jumps up on the bed.

Outside of the gym, I’m also trying to add some strengthening exercises, especially on Sundays, when the gym is closed. I’ve started doing standing push ups in the break room while I microwave lunch and/or snacks, and I do them while I’m waiting for Winnie to “do his business” outside in the middle of the night.

I’m working through a little hip pain – on both sides – and a flare up of plantar facsiitis in the right heel. I’m back on the recumbent bike, sigh, and my trainer, George, is careful to avoid things that aggravate those areas and assigns exercises that strengthen and stretch them. I was enjoying the elliptical so much, but it’s not worth risking worse injury.

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