Eating to Please Others Could Be Plumping Your Waistline

Writing an article about the social aspects of healthy eating is high on my list of blog to-dos, so I was excited to see this article today on Eating to Please Others Could Be Plumping Your Waistline.

The article shares some interesting statistics on social situations that involved eating, but unfortunately no magic bullet on how to best deal with these situations. This has been one of my biggest hurdles to date, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

I most recently dealt with it on a work trip to Kansas City, when my colleagues made plans to have dinner at an Italian restaurant. A quick online review of their menu showed that for me, there were few to no workable options for clean eating.  My options?

  1. Be a party pooper and not go
  2. Spend two  hours at a restaurant not eating, which would be just as awkward
  3. Even worse, indulge in something I’d regret later only for the sake of being social

I ended up not going, explaining that while I can technically eat anything I want, I was working really hard to lose the last few pounds. One colleague threw me a very backhanded compliment about it, but I ate healthy on my own and enjoyed an evening of “me time.”

If any of you face the same issue, I’d love to hear from you. I’m really hoping to hit a happy medium on this, and I’d love to hear how you do it!

  1. Hey Mary Pat,
    Some restaurants frown on it but some don’t – check ahead. I usually bring a salad to go that is “legal” for me and have a plate delivered to the table when everyone else’s food is served. Then I dump my salad (or veggie plate of the day) on the plate. This works well for lunchtime places – haven’t tried for dinner yet. For dinner – most if not all restaurants have salad. I just ask for a whopping salad and ask for removal of any of the cheeses and always ask for the house vinagraitte on the side. When people ask WTH? I tell them – hey I wanted to be in your company but I’ve still got a ways to go on my goals and this is how I do it! Works for me all the time! See you soon! Carol

  2. Hey, Carol! Great idea, and salads are a good option at any restaurant — if you order them correctly. I’m just learning to eat salads, though, and I’m really picky. I like a certain kind of lettuce and certain ingredients prepared certain ways. Hopefully, as I eat more and more salads, I’ll develop a better tolerance. Now, though, I worry that I won’t find one to my liking and will end up getting something worse. Perhaps I could have a peanut butter banana sandwich before dinner and get a salad at the restaurant.

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