Early Morning Gym Visits “Immortalized”

This is from the cover story article titled “Twitterati: The Top Tweeters in Columbia.” I’m sorry they didn’t pick up my LeanGreenMP Twitter account, which Eva doesn’t follow, but was pretty stoked that they did refer to my early-morning trips to the gym!

Mary Pat Baldauf(@mpbaldauf)
Sample tweet: A little too excited about a resin identification webinar coming up this afternoon! #recycling #plasticsgeek

As the sustainability coordinator for the City of Columbia, Baldauf is full of information about going green, from recycling to energy usage.

She’s also tapped into city news in a big way, which means she acts as a hub of sorts, retweeting and commenting on political and social news at the city level. An extremely prolific tweeter, Baldauf can sometimes be exhausting as she details her early-morning trips to the gym, meetings, dog travails and more — but her optimism and energy are infectious. — Eva Moore

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