Doing My Part to Change the Culture

Traci, Paul and I talk a lot about changing the culture when it comes to food and health. It’s a tough battle to change the way we think about food, but tonight, I made a decision that may make a small difference.

Tomorrow is our December CPAC meeting, and I wanted to do something a little special for the holidays. I’ve set up a tree with my recycled “bulbs to baubles” ornaments and am going to let each person take one. But when it came to snacks, I have to admit, I was thinking cookies when I walked in to Publix. Then it occurred to me that I could help change the culture – albeit a small change – with my purchases. So instead, I bought green, purple and red grapes, and will arrange them on a cool, festive Christmas platter. And for the sweet tooth, I bought a small bag of dark chocolate.

Even better, if we have a small crowd and have leftovers, I’ll have a weeks worth of yummy grapes!

I feel empowered.

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