Do-Over, Week 10

I had my meeting with Traci Wednesday, and while I thought we were talking about week 11, she said that  it was actually week 10. Huh? Turns out that when she was gone a week on vacation, that week didn’t count.

My weight on Wednesday morning was 165.4 lbs., marking a loss of 63.4 lbs. My goal is to hit the mark of 65 lbs. lost by the end of this 12 weeks, which is now May 25. Hopefully, losing 1.6 lbs. in two weeks is more than doable, but I don’t want to rest of my laurels; I’m really working it.

My goals for Week 11:

  1. Have less oatmeal and fruit/PNB as second option/snack, not because they aren’t healthy, but to provide more variety.
  2. COOK this weekend – get some food in the ‘fridge.
  3. Continue to keep water up; drink at least 75 oz. a day.
  4. Just once this week, do five minutes on the elliptical at level three, at least 120 spm. Continue to treat heel and hips with ice, stretches.

On to week 11, for real this time!

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