Diet Detective: Too Much Kale

The past couple of weeks, I’ve had some bad stomachaches. Nothing gross, just bad stomachaches. When I mentioned it to Traci last week, she said it was probably the increased fiber in my diet, so I thought maybe I had to get used to the “crunchy black beans” I’ve been eating at snack time. But early this afternoon, I started having another said stomachache, and I’d only had oatmeal and a green drink…So I started thinking back.

The stomachaches started about two weeks ago when I gave up low-sodium cashews at snack time for crunchy black beans, kale chips and fruit. But today, I had none of those when my stomach started to hurt. I thought back about all that I had changed in the last two weeks – fewer nuts, more exercise, more meatless days – but nothing jived. So I took to Google.

Long story short, two weeks ago, I increased the kale in my green drink. Not on purpose – I was actually out of strawberries, so I just used kale and green apples, and increased the kale. It turns out that kale is rich in insoluble fiber, which causes stomachaches and other unmentionable issues for many people. Several blogs recommended keeping the percentage of kale in green drinks at about 40 percent.

Needless to say, when I made my green drink base tonight, I added the strawberries back! Who knew that I – Miss Don’t Like Vegetables – would ever have too much kale??

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