December 2015 Non-Scale Victories

  1. Ate a banana instead of a piece of chocolate.
  2. Hit my step goal early into the day.
  3. Turned off shower with my foot, which I couldn’t have done a few months ago due to balance issues.
  4. Considering increasing my step goal by 1000 steps.
  5. Passed on a Christmas cookie. Had it on my plate, then gave it away.
  6. Opted for soup at home instead of lunch out.
  7. I feel like crying for the first time in a long time. My flat affect must be fading.
  8. Dr. Graham’s office asked me to be a part of establishing a Niekro support group in the Midlands.
  9. Just went with a suggestion to go out to dinner, even though it wasn’t the best place for me to eat and talk. Good time and memories made despite not being the exact food I wanted and difficulty talking.
  10. Visited nursing teams from Richland to thank them.
  11. Getting back to posting on my vision board.
  12. Realized a problem with a relationship I am in, put the brakes on.
  13. Threw away refrigerated cookie dough so I wouldn’t continue to mindlessly snack on it.
  14. Packed up stocking candy for next staff meeting.
  15. Went to church even though we were running late. Better a little late than never, right?
  16. Unfriended a potentially toxic person on Facebook. (See #12!)
  17. Joined an online list project group with a group of new people.
  18. Caught up on my rest over the holidays.
  19. Resisted buying a truffle at Uptown when Christmas shopping.
  20. Tossed half of a remaining emergency chocolate bar
  21.  Had a nice talk with one of our truck drivers, who actually has a good handle on life.
  22. Made my step goal for the first time in a month.
  23. Took a rain check on an event as not to over do it. (Enjoying Christmas with reckless abandon has been hard on me!)
  24. Tried a new church on Christmas Eve – a new denomination, even – due to timing issues.
  25. For the first time in a while, my trach scar wasn’t the first thing I saw in pictures from lunch! It’s finally closing a little bit!
  26. No candy or sweets today, even though they’re all over the office.
  27. Reached out in kindness to someone I unfriended without enough thought.
  28. Weighed in.
  29. Had a great photo shoot. My hair is almost back to pre-aneurysm length and style.
  30. Walked both to my c diff consult appointment at MUSC (from the hotel to the building and back).
  31. Made a fix on my work computer that I had needed to make since returning in July. Even asked for help in getting it done. Thank God for Samantha. (In more ways that this one, too!)

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