December 2014 Non-Scale Victories


  1. Worked out seven days in a row
  2. Ate salad at DHEC event.
  3. Had very little sleep, but went to the gym and did nearly 90 minutes.
  4. Stretching upon waking up today, I felt a difference in my arms. Smaller, stronger.
  5. Took own lunch to DHEC event.
  6. Comfortably wore a pair of workout pants I’d put away for being  too tight
  7. Walked the long way to Trader Joe’s, including Atascadero Hill
  8. Moved workout to the a.m. to accommodate p.m. happy hour.
  9. Resisted all kinds of candy bars, cupcakes and other sweets at DHEC conference.
  10. Made and ate a small salad.
  11. Didn’t eat the City’s holiday meal, instead brought and ate my MVista leftovers
  12. Wearing a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to wear in over a year!
  13. Fit into a skirt I haven’t been able to wear in a year!
  14. Noticing a dramatic increase in my flexibility.
  15. 10,000 steps on a rest day, including a quick late night walk in the cold to get me over the hump. (Thanks, Sister!)
  16. MVista leftovers lasted for three meals!
  17. Wearing a pair of pants I haven’t been able to wear in a year.
  18. McKenzie asked if I was losing more weight.
  19. Fastening my bras on the last hooks.
  20. Forgot to put socks in gym bag. Trained without them, then went to Publix to get some so I could get cardio in. Would’ve been easy to just skip cardio, but I persevered.
  21. Got a cheese and fruit plate at 116 Tweetup.
  22. Made healthier Christmas candy with dark chocolate, toasted quinoa, Goji berries, pepitas and walnuts. Took to Elliott party, gave to gym folks.
  23. Went to the gym even though I was exhausted and quite blue. I knew it would help my mood, and it did.
  24. Re-arranged my schedule to get to the gym before it closed early for the holidays.
  25. Someone gave me a women’s t-shirt in what I thought was two sizes too small, but it fit perfectly — not even snug.
  26. I actually FELT like I weighed less during my walk this afternoon. Also walked to and from the gym.
  27. Aside from first going to Doctors Wellness Center, made one of the best decisions in four years for my health and well-being. A personal, difficult decision that I’ll keep to myself,  but a biggie, nonetheless.
  28. Took a rest day due to rainy weather and closed gym, but took a short walk once the rain stopped. Not the longest or more strenuous walk, but a good walk.
  29. Mom noticed and commented on my leg muscles.
  30. Comfortably wore one of my “skinny rings” today.
  31. Did morning cardio so I could go out this evening.


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