Day One as a “Before”

Today was my first day back to Doctors Wellness Center post-aneurysm.mpb4

Before anyone asks, yes, I have gotten doctor approval to resume workouts. I’m under the supervision of a trainer who has worked with me for years and is well aware of my current medical situation.

We started slow. I warmed up for 15 minutes on the NuStep, the very piece of equipment I used during rehab. Then I did two sets of three exercises: bridges, crunches, seated rows, leg presses (with no weight), lat pull downs, triceps, chest presses. After I finished, I stretched.

The weight I used was well below what I did before the aneurysm, but that’s okay. I’m back in the gym and getting healthy again. Of all of the risk factors for aneurysm, I only have one I can control: my weight. And I still have to regain some of the strength I lost being in bed for over a month.

Risk factors for the formation of a brain aneurysm include:

  • Smoking (never have)
  • High blood pressure or hypertension (I actually have low bp)
  • Family history of brain aneurysms (My Aunt Rose and two cousins)
  • Age over 40 (Can’t change that!)
  • Drug use, particularly cocaine (nope!)
  • Gender, women compared with men have an increased incidence of aneurysms at a ratio of 3:2
  • Other disorders: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Polycystic Kidney Disease, Marfan Syndrome, and Fibromuscular Dysplasia(FMD)
  • Presence of an arteriovenous malformation (AVM)
  • Congenital resulting from inborn abnormality in artery wall
  • Infection
  • Tumors
  • Traumatic head injury


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