Dangling a Carrot

I had a great workout today! Walked 20 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 10 minutes on the bicycle. And then I worked with a new trainer, George. He increased my weights, reps and the difficulty of some of my exercises, like my push ups. I sensed progress when I saw that my face wasn’t as red as usual, but I was REALLY sweaty. Denny from Accounting was there this morning, and it was fun to cheer him on.

I don’t have another workout with the trainer until Monday. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to get up early an go over to Doctors Wellness to get my cardio in. Tomorrow night, we’re going to a play, so I want to get my exercise in early.

I did well on my eating today. With both my morning and afternoon snack of fruit, I added 12 baby carrots. I did have some ranch dressing with it – only 1 1/2 tablespoons – and it helped. Tracy the Nutritionist said ranch dip isn’t the best choice,  that I should try hummus, but for now, it helped me eat 24 baby carrots. That’s more carrots than I’ve had my entire life!

I ate these very carrots this afternoon with my fruit snack.

Tonight, I met the first of the goals that Tracy gave me. I made a meatloaf that included pulverized greens. Organic baby romaine to be exact.  About two cups. I added it to a turkey/lean ground beef mixture, added oats, ketchup and herbs, and cooked at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. It was delicious, and I couldn’t taste or even see the lettuce. And, there is some left over for weekend meals.

Tomorrow’s challenge will be eating out. We’re meeting a D’s Wings before the play. I know I can plan and make some good choices. I think I will go meat-free at lunch and get a grilled chicken breast or shrimp at D’s. I do need to check the menu first to see what they have. OK. I think I’ll get peel and eat shrimp and substitute lemon pepper broccoli for the baked potato.

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