Could I Be Starting to “Get This?”

Thank goodness, my week without my nutritionist is coming to an end. I missed our weekly meeting, and I felt like a kid riding a bike without training wheels for the first time.

But today, one of the first days I’ve had some time to myself in a week or so, I found myself getting it together:

  • I thought toward the coming week and the challenges I would face – two days at a workshop and several after-hours events – and starting to make a plan on how I’d deal with the challenges.
  • I noticed that my veggies were down, and I googled recipes and experimented with some new dishes.
  • I thought about skipping  my daily exercise at the gym since I was getting so much done around the house, but I pushed myself since I had to miss yesterday’s due to working the Central Midlands Lawnmower Exchange.

Don’t get me wrong, I missed the coaching, and I don’t think I’m ready to go it alone, but I see that I have made some significant, positive changes, and it feels good to see that progress.


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